Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Tasha's Zen Week Day 2

Day two of peaceful bliss! What did I do today? Well, last night I finished off a giraffe and took his portrait, then listed him for sale on my local Buy Swap and sale yet but I'm staying positive!
I have spent my day enjoying the glorious breeze flowing throughout my house with every door and window wide open and letting in both the cool air and the sunlight. I've caught up on a few Youtube videos, baked the gingerbread dough I had in the freezer and decorated the cookies, which I then ate for afternoon tea (not all of course). I've been studiously working on my 2018 Life Workbook and making good progress there, as well as laying out my year ahead tarot cards using The Cook's Tarot deck. Most of my afternoon was spent interpreting the cards and writing them into my diary for the year at the beginning of each month, I really only finished doing that about 5 minutes ago before jumping on here to write this. I'm really happy with my cards for this year! Really happy. There's an amazing cohesiveness to them all that seems to flow on together. I will do an in depth reading to that spread another day, right now I'm a bit drained from reading and writing about it all in my planner. 
Aside from those things I guess I just did some washing, watched a movie, and listened to some music. That's about it for my day, it's been lovely! I've said it before but I'll say it again, I am SO grateful to be living in this house. And also very grateful for my at-home retreat this week. 

I'll be back to chat again tomorrow most likely, I'm not sure what I'll do tomorrow yet but who cares! I don't have to know what I'm doing... I'm just going with the flow :-)

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