Saturday, 6 January 2018

Today's Retreat Day 5

The tranquility continues! Today is the day I:
Had ricotta ravioli for lunch at my favourite cafe
Started making a franken-candle with my old candles, those that have burnt down too far to stay alight anymore.
Had a cold glass of chardonnay (or two, or three, I'm on number two at the moment as I type)
Vacuumed my shag pile carpet. Not a euphemism... very much literal
Had a hair trim and thin to get rid of split ends and some of the weight

Mopped the kitchen floor
Found the mother of all coffee mugs and thus my quest to find a coffee bucket has been completed (unless I find a larger one...or start drinking coffee from an actual bucket)
Changed my ringtone from Daria to Monty Python's Flying Circus

...and after I hit publish here I shall make some more bath bombs *possibly* clean the shower if I have the energy and/or enthusiasm, Facetime my bean sprouts, and have leftover massaman curry for dinner later while chilling with a movie on the couch or even in bed! I really am having the best vay-cay at home :-)

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