Thursday, 4 January 2018

Zen Week day 3

Hello hello, I'm back. It's day three of my at-home retreat and it's been bloody great! Today has given me the chance to wash the kids bedding, write a few letters to post tomorrow, make a phone call, water the herb garden, do some general tidying and other odd chores around the house, and generally just continue on with my no stress going with the flow do whatever tickles my fancy vibe. I battled with a little anxious thought that popped up this morning but I soon overcame that and carried on with chill-mode. I'm trying my hardest to be relaxed in the present, and not just avoid any and all thoughts of what needs to be done in future or being ignorant to what is going on right now. The key thing I'm working on is handling how I deal with those thoughts because I think that setting the right foundation for how I manage stress this year is going to be a huge weight off my shoulders. It's pleasantly reminding me why this week was so necessary, and I'm loving the opportunity. 
I'm writing this post early today because I may not feel like it later... despite all the vegging out I'm still not sleeping til past midnight and my body clock is still waking me up at 6.30am. The late nights are completely the fault of Markiplier's Youtube channel ;) 
Oh! I also painted some bees last night. And I intend to paint some more bees today! Other than that I don't know what else I'll do from here on in, but again, who cares! 

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