Thursday, 1 February 2018

28 Days Later...

Hello blog,
Some updates! Since it's the first day of a new month (already... how fucking fast did that go?!) I'm going to go over some stuff. First off I want to congratulate myself on not buying any makeup for a whole month, so round of applause for me. I kept track of every cent spent in a journal and I tell ya, I REALLLLLY don't have a lot of wiggle room financially. But it's cool, we manage, as we always do. I'm working on paying off the last of my Afterpays (B's bed frame and Moira's cat carrier) and then I hope to keep it empty for the month of Feb. Secondly I've decided that to get my arty sense tingling again after a too-long hiatus I'm going to do a pencil sketch of my kitten every day for a month. She's often not still for long unless she's asleep under my bed and therefore unreachable, so the challenge is to try and capture her shapes and form as quickly as I can. I'd like to do some studies of her paws, nose, eyes, direction of her fur, the shape of her spine and tail when she's in different positions. Practice makes perfect and I want to improve my drawing from life skills. Today's sketch is in the collage above. She was sitting on my bookcase in front of the window. At the end of the month I'll have 28 sketches of my cat.
Next up we've got my plastic bag rug progress! It's coming along well, and I've used more than half my plastic bags!! It's a groovy project to sit down and add to it at night. And speaking of adding to a project I've also got a previously-unfinished-then-stashed-in-a-container-with-many-others crochet blanket on my bedside table that I'm working on. This year I have a goal to work on all my started then stashed crochet blankets so that I can create lapghans from them and donate them to Bundaleer Retirement Home. I'm not yet sure where the plarn rug will go but if I can get it big enough then it'll be great for the back room as there's a concrete floor out there.

And finally there is a small tarot reading I pulled for myself this morning. I'd used my RWS deck as a prop for a photograph yesterday so it was on my desk, and today after doing my makeup I felt the urge to pick it up and give it a good old shuffle. I didn't get far before three cards flipped themselves over so I laid them out in the order they'd been given and had a ponder about what it could mean.
I had intended I think to pull some general card(s) for the day, I didn't ask a question, so I feel this applies to something today. Given that sleep has been a huge issue in my house lately I would suggest it means to abandon the idea of the boys sharing a room, get past the constant wake ups and bed time struggles, 5 am starts, and keeping the cat away from L (otherwise he just wants to play at night), and separate them again.  Ergo= happy kids, happy ending. There is one other possible meaning to this spread but I feel it doesn't relate as strongly as the sleeping arrangements at home right now. This of course means taking a bed apart and rearranging everything again *sigh* But it needs to be done.

Oh! Other news... puss puss goes in for her desexing surgery tomorrow! Poor little lass will need extra care and attention over the weekend. I'm not allowed to feed her after 8pm tonight, she's going to be very unhappy with me!

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