Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Plarn Rug Progress

This happened to be cut in a really coincidental way to show 'Avoid Littering'! I thought it was pretty cool

So that's my plarn crochet rug progress thus far! Most recent photo was taken yesterday, I've added a little more since last night. I've no idea how big I'm going to make it yet but I haven't worked through my plastic bag stash yet and whenever online groceries arrive I get a few more. Ideally I think I'd like one big enough to use in my lounge room, that'd be awesome. DIY upcycled home decor is definitely my thing! Moira likes to chew on it when I'm working on it and sits in my box of plarn strips so she can attack my hand whenever I dip in to get another one out. In her mind I guess she's helping haha 

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