Monday, 12 February 2018

Project Pan #3 February

I missed January! I must have been busy and wasn't able to put the post together, but here we are with the 3rd installment of Project Pan. If you don't know what Project Pan is, you can start at my first PP post {HERE}, and follow that up with the second one {HERE},but in a nutshell it's using up makeup products that you either want to replace or get rid of but concentrating on using those items as often as possible in your makeup routine. I have a number of things in my own Project Pan I'd like to use up for various reasons - in the case of my Gerard Cosmetics setting spray I want to use it because it cost me $30 and while it works well the smell is just hideously overwhelming of cucumber! Like can't breathe while applying or for a short while after intense. The goal with that is to empty it with frequent use and then get some MAC Fix+ to replace it.

1. Primer - e.l.f Poreless Face Primer and BYS Luminizing Foundation Primer
Hmm, primer-wise still working on that e.l.f stuff. No idea what progress I've made because I can't see into the frosted bottle *sniff* It is starting to sputter when I pump it so fingers crossed. The luminizing BYS primer has been hard to love in this heat. I can't use it on its own which is a pain in the butt. It pills when used on its own.

2. Foundation - MUD Flawless Finish in soft beige
MUD foundation - I've thrown both the shades I owned into the bin. Why? Because I've since come to the realisation that my itchy face was only happening the days I used that foundation ergo skin reaction! So that takes those out of my Project Pan!
3. Colour Correct - BYS Conceal and Correct
I'll use this on occasion but since improving my skin care routine I've noticed my redness has significantly reduced (thank you Palmer's Eventone!!) and I haven't needed the green. I've also been using Garnier Miracle Eye Cream which colour corrects on skin-contact, as well as concealing UNDER my foundation so I haven't had much use for that, either. Nevertheless I've made a small amount of progress.

4. Contour - MUD Defining Contour and Highlight
MUD contour and highlight... welllllll ok I admit I sort of haven't used this at all. I am SO bad at this Project Pan thing! Haha! Ok maybe I should put all my items into a basket to reach for first, that would probably be the smart thing to do. (Shoulda done that from the start, hey? Ooooopsies)

5. Brows - L.A Girl Inspiring Brow Kit
Brow powder... chucked it out!! Why? Because it was making my skin itch as well. So take that out of Project Pan aswell. I'm glad I've been using these things more exclusively though so I'm able to pinpoint what's causing the problems. Instead I've been using either a pencil or the 'Barbados' eyeshadow shade in the Ashley Tisdale Illuminate palette.
6. Powder - Covergirl Loose Powder in 110 Translucent Light
The powder I've been using over my Coty Airspun everytime! I'm really enjoying it! Perhaps I've tanned a little this Summer because the tone is suiting me a lot nicer.

7. Blush - L'Oreal Paris in 90 Luminous Rose
The blush is being very slowly chipped away at... very slowly. Blush is just one of those things you seriously don't need much of. It's gonna take me a while.

8. Highlight - Mermaid Salon Tokyo Lights
The highlighter I've all but given up on... it's just do darn chunky and hard to love! Mermaid Salon is so touch and go with their products I feel, or maybe this style of highlighter just isn't my jam. Either way, I know I've hardly touched it but this month, starting today, I'm going to use it every day until my next PP. I tell ya it's going to be one heck of a challenge not to reach for my beloved W7 Glocomotion or e.l.f Moonlit Pearls.

10. Lips - Rimmel Stay Glossy in 260 My Eternity
The gloss in my PP I'm struggling to use because honestly I'm learning I'm not much of a gloss person. The perils of having a lot of thick hair and a small face with a close hairline means that nomatter how I wear my hair, it gets stuck to my gloss. I haven't used it all month.
11. Concealer - Rimmel Wake Me Up in very fair/light
Concealer? Still love it, still using it. Still not empty.

Empties? Forgot I was posting about those and didn't keep them. Whoops. It was nothing beauty related

No-buy? Fail. I ordered a whole lot of skin and hair care stuff on Cosmetic Capitol which I could almost justify because skin and hair care is like underpants, it's essential right? But then I went to Beserk and got myself four new Concrete Mineral loose shadows, Sugar Pill purple liquid lip, and preordered the absolutely STUNNING Sugar Pill Little Twin Stars palette. There are a shit-tonne of new releases in the beauty world that catch my eye *cough* Jouer funfetti highlighter *cough*, but, while I admire them they're usually a) WAY too expensive b) can't be bought on Afterpay which is my only method of owning nice things or c) not available in Australia, this palette just sung to my heart and I NEEDED it with a deep and intense passion. I mean just look at it! Be still my beating heart. I'll eat two minutes noodles for a month for this.
The next post I'm working on is another makeup related one, then a catch up on my garden, charity crochet, sketches, I'll get to those. The kids both have colds at the moment and the Octonauts DVD I put on to write up this post has ended so I best be off!

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