Saturday, 3 March 2018

(Almost) 28 days of kitten sketches

At the beginning of the month I decided to practice my drawing from life skills but setting myself a little challenge...that challenge being to do a sketch of Moira every day of February either from life, or if need be from a photo taken that day. Trying to see an object as a collection of shapes and being able to sketch the basic form is something I want to work on so that I can incorporate it into my watercolour painting. When setting up the scamp, or guide drawing, pre-loose watercolour painting, it's a good idea to capture the subject quickly, without too much fuss, and get the shapes down on paper.
Some days I was able to get a little more detail in my sketches, other days and especially on those when she was awake when being sketched, I'd get little more than an outline. I've tried to focus on proportions, and drawing what I see rather than what I know is there. So here we are... (almost) sketches of Moira the kitten!

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