Tuesday, 20 March 2018

DIY Blood Moon Lamp

Soooo I had intended to make a nice and easy DIY replication of that moon lamp that's been doing the rounds in my Facebook feed but what I've created didn't quite go to plan... therefore I bring you The Blood Moon Lamp! I think I know where I went wrong and will be doing it again but in the meantime here's how you make this pretty and ambient light. 

Step 1. Partially blow up a balloon until you have a perfect sphere. To make the glue all you'll need it equal parts plain (all purpose flour) and water mixed together so there are no lumps or clumps. For the paper mache you'll use toilet paper squares! It's nice and thin, extremely pliable, and readily available. I use a silicone basting brush to apply the glue initially but ended up just smearing it around with my hands. It was so very very messy but worked great and was oddly satisfying. 
Step 2. After you've applied the first layer, add another 2-3. I used 4 in total but I think 3 would look nicer. Leave it to dry COMPLETELY, mine fully dried in 2 days.
TIP smooth the edges with your fingers to remove the visibility of the edge of toilet paper sheets 
Step 3. Pop the balloon and take it out. If you need to trim the base so your lamp sits flat on a surface then you can do that now with scissors. Spend some time stroking the inside of the lamp because it will be SO smooth in there...I mean, I'm totally not weird at all *hah*
Step 4. Using a square of kitchen sponge dab some gold paint over your moon lamp using a photo of a full moon for reference. This was the point I realised that my lamp wasn't going to look like it did in my head but I also waited 2 days for this fucker to dry and I wanted a damn lamp. It's still really cool! Just not what I set out to do. But anyway, carrying on...
Step 5. Add a light inside your lamp. You can use a string of twinkle lights like I have, battery powered candles, any kind of LED white light.
Annnnnnnnd TA DA! Blood Moon Lamp, Sun Lamp, whatever. It's funky.
Fun fact- the flour and water glue has a yellow one to it and will give you a yellow lamp. Damnit. 

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