About Tasha

And indeed I am worthy of joy! My purpose is joy. All of our purposes are joy... there is no sense living a life that is not yours. Own your life, embrace your life, love your life and love yourself!

Hi, I'm Tash and I am the resident blogger here at Of Crochet and Life. It's my corner of the internet where I share my musings, my crafty escapades, my daily adventures, my parenting ups and downs, my discovery of the metaphysical world and other things that interest me. I have two beautiful sons, Master L and Master B and I don't write about them nearly as much as I should. They are two shining souls and just the sweetest things in the whole world, which I am allowed to say because I have the advantage of bias!

2016 was the year that took me by the scruff of the neck and shook my life upside down. It was the year that I accepted some truths about myself that were otherwise hidden away, the year I began studying for my metaphysical practitioner certification, the year I met some amazing people who helped guide me through the storm, the year I was determined to make my own and the year I decided that I was strong and capable enough to take on the world. It also happened to the be the year that I tripped on out of the closet and landed face first on the floor with a *THUD*. I've picked myself and brushed myself off of course, face red with embarrassment, ego a little bruised, but otherwise unharmed. I'm free to be myself! Do you know how incredible that is?From now on I will be living a life that it completely synonymous with the real Tash.

I'm presently studying for a Moondaughter Metaphysical Practitioner certification.

I love rainbow things, I have about 5 dream catchers in my house, crystals everywhere, and a chaotic mess made by kids. There are also boxes of yarn and about a bazillion unfinished crochet projects. Sometimes I order myself a pizza after the kids have gone to bed, I eat more chocolate than the average bear, I have an endearing crooked smile and I appreciate my own little foibles and quirks...even if it just comes off to others as eclectic and odd. I like odd! I am learning to love myself as much as I love my children. I've discovered that I'm capable of so much more than I ever thought possible.

I'm a fibre art fiend! A serial hooker! I'm totally wrapped in wool and I have yarngasms in Spotlight aisles. If a cat ever wandered into my house it would be in 7th heaven for all the balls of yarn lying around on every surface! There are naked sheep someone freezing their sheepy bums off because I needed to make a scarf. Ok so that's a bit creepy; I don't actually go around fleecing sheep of their wool to fuel my obsession... but then again I don't live near any sheep ;)

So here I am! Oddness and all. Throwing my creativity out there into the world and seeing what comes from it. With a bit of luck I'll pick up some like-minded friends along the way xx

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